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Water charges for vacant properties

Water, sewerage and drainage charges are payable by the occupiers of non-domestic properties which are connected to public water networks.

From April 2017 water, sewerage and drainage charges are also payable for vacant non-domestic properties. The owner of the property will need to pay these.

All properties with a valid connection to public water, sewerage or drainage services must pay the charges. This applies even if the property is not in active use. This also include condemned and listed buildings.

Water and sewerage charges

The charges are calculated in the same way as they are for occupied properties.

The charges include:

  • water
  • waste water
  • roads drainage
  • surface drainage

The payment terms are agreed between the owner (customer) and their Licensed Provider.

If you do not have a Licensed Provider

If you own or occupy a non-domestic premises and do not have a Licensed Provider you should register with one. Details of Licensed Providers can be found at Scotland on Tap.

Households do not need a Licensed Provider. Water and Sewerage charges are collected by local councils via Council Tax.

If you do not pay

If your property is connected to public water mains and/or sewerage you need to pay for services even if you do not use them. This is because Scottish Water has to maintain the pipes and sewers so that you can:

  • turn on the taps when you need to
  • take away the waste water, including the rain that drains from your roof and paved areas

Licensed Providers will go after any money owed.

Disconnecting your supply

If you do not want to pay, you can get your property disconnected from water and waste water services. Your Licensed Provider can tell you about the cost and process for this.

Disconnecting your supply is permanent and is usually only done for properties which are being demolished.

Reconnecting a supply

If a water supply is needed in the future the owner of the property will need to pay to connect to Scottish Water's mains and sewers.

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