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Visa sponsorship for Ukrainians coming to Scotland


On 18th February, the UK Government Home Office announced changes to Ukraine visa schemes.

The guidance on this page is being reviewed and we will update it as soon as possible.

In the meantime, please refer to the UK Government guidance for information about Ukraine visa schemes.

The Scottish Super Sponsor Scheme continues to be paused for new applications. We're doing this to make sure we can provide support and sanctuary to those displaced people from Ukraine who are either already in Scotland or will shortly be arriving. 

If you made your application under the Super Sponsor Scheme before 13 July 2022, it will be processed.

If you have been issued a visa under the Super Sponsor Scheme, your visa is valid and you can travel to Scotland.

You can find out more about the pausing of the scheme on

People from Ukraine who do not have family in the UK can apply for a visa with the Scottish Government as their sponsor. This means if you get a visa you can come to live in Scotland.

If you want to come to Scotland this may be a quicker way than finding a sponsor.

Choosing Scottish Government as your visa sponsor

The Scottish Government is a ‘super sponsor’ of Homes for Ukraine. 

Choosing us as your sponsor means you’ll get:

  • a place to stay
  • education
  • healthcare
  • advice on travelling to Scotland
  • help with other things you might need

Applying for a visa

Ukrainians can come to live in Scotland, but you must have a visa first. You cannot travel to Scotland or anywhere else in the UK without a valid visa.

You must apply for a visa through the UK Government.

Applying to the Ukraine Sponsorship Schemes (Homes for Ukraine)

You need to apply online to Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme.

On the application:

  • you’ll be asked if you’re being sponsored by an ‘organisation’ or an ‘individual’
  • choose ‘organisation’
  • next, choose ‘Scottish Government’ from the list

If you have family in the UK

If you have family in the UK you can apply for a Ukraine Family Scheme visa. 

Read more about other UK visa support for Ukrainian nationals and their family.

What happens after you apply for your visa

The UK Government will tell you if you can get a visa.

If you choose the Scottish Government as your sponsor, the UK Government will tell us if they approve your visa.

When they tell us, we’ll contact you with information about coming to Scotland.

How the Scottish Government will contact you

When we know you have a valid visa, we’ll contact you by either:

  • email (from a address)
  • text message (SMS)

The email or text will be a ‘welcome’ message. It will include a phone number you can call to:

  • get travel advice
  • tell us when and where you’ll arrive in Scotland
  • let us know if you need any extra help when you arrive

Travelling to Scotland

You should not arrange travel to Scotland until you have a valid visa.

You can get help to arrange travel to Scotland if you need it. You may be able to get help with free travel. 

Train travel 

You may be able to get free train travel:

In France from SNCF

Phone: 00 33 1 84 94 3635

In Germany from Deutsche Bahn

Phone: +49 30 311682904

In the UK from National Rail

Phone: 03457  225 333

From Eurostar

Phone: 0343 218 6186

More information about travelling to Scotland

Read more about travelling to Scotland on

If you need help while travelling to Scotland 

If you need help while travelling you may be able to get help from: 

UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) office
Phone: +41 22 739 8111

(IOM) – for people affected by the crisis in Ukraine

Ukrainian embassies


  • Ukraine: 527 (free from mobile phones), 0800505501 (free from landline phones), and 527 website. 
  • Poland: +48 22 490 20 44,
  • Lithuania: +370 525 14352,
  • Slovakia: from abroad 00421 5263 0023, locally 0850 211 478, Telegram/Signal: 00421 908 767 853

Ukrainian Embassy

Phone: +38 (044) 238-16-57

When you arrive in Scotland

 There will be someone there to meet you if you arrive at: 

  • Edinburgh Airport

  • Glasgow Airport

  • Edinburgh Waverley train station 

  • Glasgow Central train station 

  • Cairnryan Ferry Port (by boat)  

Look for the Welcome Hub. There will be signs in the airport or train station to show you where to go.

Where you’ll be staying

Someone in the Hub will help find you a place to stay and how to get there.

They’ll also be able to give you information about other things you might need help with.

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