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Changes to unmeasured water and sewerage charges for businesses

Business owners whose premises (also known as non-domestic premises) connect in any way to public networks must pay water, sewerage and drainage charges.

Drainage is an "unmeasured charge" as it is calculated using the rateable values of your property rather than a meter reading.

The amount a business pays for water and sewerage services is based on the volume of water they use. This usage is measured with a meter. If Scottish Water cannot install a meter at a premises then water and sewerage also become an unmeasured charge.

Changes to rateable values

From 1 April 2018, unmeasured water and sewerage charges are calculated using the most recent rateable value of your premises. These rateable values are:

If your rateable value changes

If your rateable value changes after winning an appeal your charges will be recalculated.

Any changes to the rateable value of your premises will be applied to water charges from the date the assessor issues a notice amending the valuation of the premises. This is called the Valuation Notice Issue Date.

More information

Find out more about water charges and exemptions.

You can also read this FAQ document for answers to various questions about the changes.

If you have questions about your bill or your meter, please contact your Licensed Provider.

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