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Help with tax credits

Find out more about different types of tax credits.

Tax credits calculator

Use the HM Revenue and Customs tax credits calculator to get an estimate of how much in tax credits you might receive from today's date until the end of the tax year.

Use the tax credits calculator.

Contact the Tax Credit Office

Make a claim for Child Tax Credit or Working Tax Credit or report a change by contacting the Tax Credit Helpline or Tax Credit Office.

Make a claim for Child Tax Credit or Working Tax Credit.

Changes that affect your tax credits

Your tax credits can go up, down or stop if there are changes in your family or work life . You must report these changes to the Tax Credit Office.

Find out more about what can affect your tax credits.

Childcare and tax credits

If you pay for childcare while you're at work, you may be eligible for extra tax credits.

Find out more about childcare and tax credits.

Child Tax Credit

Visit GOV.UK to find all you need to know about Child Tax Credit.

How to claim tax credits

Find out how to claim tax credits.

Renew your tax credits

Find out how to renew your tax credits.

Tax credits: working out your childcare costs

You can claim extra tax credits to help with your childcare costs if you're eligible.

Work out your childcare costs.

Working tax credit

Find out more about claiming a working tax credit.


You can also get help to save if you're on a low income.

Money Talk Team

The Money Talk Team service offers free money and debt advice.

The service can help you understand what you’re entitled to and ways to save money.

It can help you find out:

  • what benefits and other financial support you may be entitled to
  • how you can manage debt
  • ways to save money on your outgoings

You can get more information on the Money Talk Team website or by calling 0800 028 1456. You can also visit your local Citizens Advice Scotland for in person support.

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