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Search for a planning appeal or decision

If you want to find a planning appeal or an appeal decision, you can find it on the Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA) website.

Its case publication section gives information on all the cases that DPEA have received since 1 September 2002.

For current and recent cases the website will show all the information that the reporter investigating the appeal was provided with. This could include:

  • the appeal form
  • enforcement notices
  • documents given as evidence
  • photographs of the site
  • communication between the planning authority and the person appealing
  • the reporter's final decision

Once a decision has been made, this information will stay on the site for 12 weeks. After this, everything is removed except for the initial documents and the final decision.

The initial documents and final decision will stay on the site for 10 years after the date of the decision.

If you need a copy of an appeal decision made before 1 September 2002, contact the National Library of Scotland.

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