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How to appeal

The 'Notice of Rejection' from the council will tell you what you need to appeal.

You can:

Send the completed form and any evidence to the address below within 28 days.

If the form arrives after 28 days you must give a reason why it's late. It may not be accepted.

Transport Appeals Tribunal
George House
126 George Street

Phone: 0300 303 5760

You can check the status of your online appeal by signing into the Transport Appeals Tribunal website.

Use the account details you registered the appeal with.

If there are any changes to your online appeal you will be notified by email.

For postal appeals you can phone 0300 303 5760 to check the status of your appeal.

If someone else was driving

The appeal must be completed by the person who received the 'Notice of Rejection' from the local council. This is usually the owner.

If someone else was driving when the ticket was issued, they can appeal the ticket for the owner. They must have the owner's permission to appeal.

The owner will be asked to pay the ticket if the appeal is rejected.


Any evidence for your case should be included with your Notice of Appeal.

In an online appeal you can add:

  • text
  • witness statements
  • scanned documents
  • photographs
  • maps
  • videos

In a postal appeal you must send copies of the evidence with the appeal form.

Evidence could be:

  • a pay and display ticket
  • a disabled person's Blue Badge
  • photos that show signs or road markings
  • witness statements that have the witness' name, address and signature
  • documents relating to the sale of the vehicle
  • delivery documents for loading or unloading
  • a garage bill for a breakdown

Don't send your:

  • 'Penalty Charge Notice' or 'Bus Lane Enforcement Charge Notice'
  • appeal to the local council
  • 'Notice of Rejection'

The local council will send these as part of its own evidence. You should keep your copies to bring if there's a hearing.

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