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No heir

When someone dies without leaving a will and a relative can't be found, the death should be reported to the National Ultimus Haeres Unit (NUHU). This is called an 'ultimus haeres estate'.

'Estate' means all of the money and property owned by a person.

NUHU will investigate the estate and report to the King's and Lord Treasurer's Remembrancer (KLTR) when:

  • no will has been found
  • no one entitled to the estate has come forward or been found
  • the money and property in the estate is worth more than any debt owed by the estate

The KLTR will then collect the money and property in the estate and pay any debts.

How to claim

To check an estate or a potential estate of a relative visit the KLTR website.

If you can prove your relationship with a relative who has an 'ultimus haeres estate' you can make a claim on it.

Contact the NUHU to find out how to claim an 'ultimus haeres estate'.

Get in touch

Email the National Ultimus Haeres Unit at or write to them at:

National Ultimus Haeres Unit
Procurator Fiscal Office
Cameronian House
3/5 Almada Street

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