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What you can claim for

Travel by car

You can claim for up to one return car journey a day, per person if they travel to the hospital separately on the same day.

If you're travelling together you can only claim for one journey.

Find out how much you'll get per mile on the GOV.UK website.


Car parking is free. This applies to NHS Lothian (St John's MBU) and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (West of Scotland MBU, Leverndale).

Public transport

You can claim for standard class travel by public transport for up to one return journey per day. You must show receipts.


You can only travel by taxi in certain circumstances. For example, if there's no public transport available. Taxi travel must be approved by clinical staff before you travel.


You should only use flights when they're cheaper than other transport, or when it's the only sensible way. For example, island to mainland travel. Flights must be approved by the hospital's local NHS Board before you travel.

You can claim for up to 2 return air journeys a week.

Somewhere to stay overnight

You can get money towards to reasonable overnight accommodation. This will be for one room, per night.

Food and non-alcoholic drinks

You can claim up to £8.50 for food and non-alcoholic drinks per person, per day. Or the hospital can give each person up to 3 meals a day for free.

Your hospital might not offer both of these options, but it will offer at least one. Find out what's available at your hospital by speaking to staff. You do no need to collect receipts for meals.

What you cannot claim for

You cannot make a claim to the Mother and Baby Unit Family Fund for:

  • loss of earnings
  • parking fines
  • childcare costs
  • car hire
  • expenses for outpatient appointments
  • alcoholic drinks
  • expenses from before 1 April 2020
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