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Make a claim for food, accommodation and travel

A Mother and Baby Unit (MBU) is a specialist inpatient unit for people who:

  • develop severe mental health problems in the later stages of pregnancy
  • develop severe mental health problems during the year after their baby is born

You can claim towards the cost of travel, food and accommodation when you're visiting someone in an MBU, if you are the:

  • partner of the person who gave birth
  • baby's other parent
  • main carer of the person who gave birth

If you have children who are 16 and under, you can claim towards the costs travel, food and accommodation during their visits to the MBU too.

You must claim within 3 months of your partner being discharged from the MBU.

How to claim

Download the claim form from the Scottish Government website

What you'll need when you're claiming

When filling in the claim form you'll need:

  • your partner's name and date of birth
  • your bank details
  • name of the hospital, ward name and number
  • consultant's name
  • date your partner was admitted
  • details of your claim

Where to claim

After you've filled in the claim form, hand it in to the cash office of the hospital where your partner is being cared for.

Or post it to the NHS Board in the area where your partner is being cared for.

This will be NHS Lothian (St John's MBU) or NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (West of Scotland MBU, Leverndale).

When to claim

You can make a claim:

  • more than once during your partner and baby's stay in the MBU - for example, weekly
  • in full for your partner and baby's entire stay in the MBU after they've been discharged – within 3 months
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