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Mobile home site licensing – residents

A new licensing system for mobile home sites started on 1 May 2017.

The new licensing system strengthens the rights of those living on mobile homes sites with permanent residents.

The main changes to the licensing system include:

  • giving local councils new powers for granting, managing and revoking licences
  • introducing a fixed 5 year period for site licences
  • a requirement that site licence holders (and anyone managing a site) are fit and proper
  • an appeal process so that anyone applying for a site licence can appeal against a local authority's decision

You can read the new licensing system in full in Part 5 of the Housing (Scotland) Act 2014.

The new system applies to sites that:

  • are licensed to have permanent, year-round residents
  • are 'mixed use' – with both residential units and holiday units

It does not apply to sites that only have holiday units and are not licensed to have permanent residents.

What this means for residents

If you own a mobile home on a year-round residential site, you don't have to do anything regarding the new licensing system.

The owner of your site will have to apply for a new licence. A 'fit and proper person' test will be carried out to make sure they're suitable to have a licence.

If your site loses its licence

If the site your mobile home is on loses its licence, you have protected rights to make sure it does not affect you.

A local council can appoint an 'interim' manager, who can manage the site until a new owner is found.

Advice and information

For more advice and information on the new mobile home licensing system, visit:

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