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Dealing with the media: victims and witnesses

The media may be interested in your story as a victim of crime – and any court case that follows.

Sometimes this can be helpful. It could help catch criminals or prevent others becoming a victim of crime.

If you decide to speak to the media

You should talk to your police contact or solicitor first. They can give you advice so you do not say anything that could cause problems with the investigation or prosecution.

If you do not want to speak to the media

There are things you can do to try and stop unwanted media attention.

Tell the police or your solicitor. They might not be able to stop what's happening, but they may be able to help, or give you advice on how to cope.

If it's about a newspaper or magazine, you can report it to the Independent Press Standards Organisation.

If it's about a television or radio programme, contact the station first. If the issue is not resolved and the programme has been broadcast, you can complain to Ofcom.

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