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If you're facing homelessness

Homelessness affects a wide variety of people and can be caused by many reasons – like health issues, relationship problems or losing your job.

You do not have to be sleeping on the street to be homeless. You might have a roof over your head and still be homeless if you're:

  • sleeping on the streets
  • temporarily staying with friends or family
  • staying in a hostel or shelter
  • living in overcrowded conditions
  • at risk of violence in your home
  • living in poor conditions that affect your health

If you do not have anywhere to stay tonight, read about emergency housing if you're homeless.

Where to get help

Getting advice right away might mean you can stop yourself becoming homeless.

Your local council

Local councils have a legal duty to give advice and information about homelessness, and how to prevent it. It is their legal responsibility to at least provide you with temporary accommodation.

Shelter Scotland

Call the free housing advice helpline on 0808 800 4444 to talk to an adviser who can:

  • explain your rights
  • tell you your options
  • tell you what help's available in your area

The Shelter Scotland website has information and advice about homelessness.

Citizens Advice Scotland

Visit your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau to get free, confidential and independent advice on homelessness, housing and benefits.

If you're a young person

Your local council can give advice if you – or someone you know – is facing homelessness. Some have housing services specifically to help young people stay in or find new homes.

If you're under 18, your local council's social work department can help you.

Find more information on young people and homelessness on the Young Scot and Shelter Scotland websites.

The Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution helps young people and their families resolve conflicts at home.

If you're a veteran

You should be able to get help from your local council if you're a veteran. There are several veterans charities that offer help and housing assistance if you're a veteran.

Scottish Veterans Residences provide support and accommodation for veterans who are homeless or in need.

Phone: 0131 556 0091

Veterans Scotland work with several housing charities and have resources that can help you find housing.

Phone: 0131 550 1595

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