Grants4Targets Crop Science

Grants4Targets Crop Science aims to turn innovative research, from anywhere in the world, into modern crop protection products suited to addressing the future challenges of the global agricultural community.

Two types of grants will be allocated by Bayer and will be dependent upon the molecular target, the scientific data provided and the proposal maturity.

  • Support grants (€2,000 - €10,000). These grants are intended for novel targets that are at very early discovery stage.
  • Focus grants (€10,000 - €50,000). These grants are intended for more advanced proposals in order to support promising research towards a fully validated crop protection target.

In addition, grants may be complimented by the following benefits:

  • Small molecule tool compounds. The Bayer Compound Collection may have chemical probes that will support validation efforts. Access to the compound library is subject to special conditions, requiring a collaboration contract.
  • Assisting technologies. Bayer may offer access to different technologies in order to assist with target validation. This could include gene expression profiling or other state-of-the-art research technologies. Applicants should detail research interests for the technology platforms within the online submission.
  • Further collaboration. Advanced proposals or projects supported by a grant could result in extended collaborations. If Bayer is persuaded by the data that has been submitted or generated under one of the grants then there would be interest in an extended collaboration, leveraging the target potential by broader means in vitro and in vivo characterisation.