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Ways of funding your business or idea

Information on different ways of funding an idea or business such as selling shares, using unpaid invoices or things you own.

  1. Help for non-domestic rate payers in Scotland during coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Information on reliefs and grants available to help non-domestic rate payers, including businesses, deal with the impact of coronavirus.

  2. Using unpaid invoices to raise cash (invoice finance)

    Information on invoice finance – which helps your business to raise cash using unpaid invoices.

  3. Borrowing against something you own or plan to buy (assets)

    Information on asset finance – where you can raise money for an idea or business by borrowing against something you own or plan to buy.

  4. Borrowing from banks to fund your business

    Information on what banks look for if you want to borrow money for an idea or business.

  5. Grant funding for businesses in Scotland

    Information on grant funding with some examples of grants available in Scotland to create jobs and new products or services.

  6. Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending

    Information on crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending including choosing a platform.

  7. Selling shares in your business (equity finance)

    Information on equity finance – which allows your business to raise money by selling shares.

  8. Building Scotland Fund

    Information on the Building Scotland Fund including what you can use it for and how to apply.

  9. Scottish Growth Scheme

    A £500 million package of financial support which aims to help Scottish businesses grow and is backed by the Scottish Government.

  10. SME Loan fund

    Scottish government loans of up to £100,000 for resource-efficient projects.

  11. Funding to export products and services (export or trade finance)

    Information on finding funding to export products and services, including what support is available from UK Export Finance.

  12. Apply for Creative Scotland funding

    How to apply for funding in the arts, screen and creative industries.

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