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Government fees to pay for importing

If you decide to import goods, you should consider government fees that could be involved, including:

  • the cost of import licences
  • costs of certificates proving the country of origin of the goods
  • antidumping duties – a duty put on foreign imports that are believed to be priced below fair market value


You pay VAT on imports from:

  • outside the EU to HMRC at the same rate as UK goods – you need a C79 form from HMRC saying VAT paid
  • inside the EU – you'll account for the VAT on your VAT return

Other things you need to do

If you're moving goods inside the EU most goods (unless hazardous) can be imported without customs controls or charges. You'll need to fill in an EC sales list. You'll also need to fill in an Intrastat declaration if the value is over £250,000.

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