First Time Exporters

A scheme providing training, advice and support to UK companies selling overseas for the first time.

The FTE initiative comprises:

  • A new cadre of 100 International Trade Advisors (ITAs) for First Time Exporters. These ITAs will provide new or inexperienced exporters with training, planning and support to grow their business overseas. They will help companies to get started in international trade, assess their export capability and develop it further, give them help and support to select and visit potential markets and save time and money. Specifically companies will be provided with a flexible programme of support, including:
    • a detailed assessment of their readiness to export;
    • an action plan for export activity;
    • workshops on stages of exporting;
    • help with market research and visits to target markets; and
    • event networking and tradeshow opportunities
  • Export Savvy: To help companies take the first steps in exporting UKTI is offering an online tool, called Export Savvy. This offers companies a short six module programme to help them understand the basics of exporting.
  • Export Insight Visits: Export Insight Visits are trade missions that are part education part business. UKTI takes companies that are exporting for the first time to nearby markets where they are first made aware of UKTI’s offer and what an Embassy can do for them and are then walked through their first contacts with foreign buyers. The aim is to have 4/5 visits each with 25 companies spread evenly across the year.
  • Digital Advisers: In addition to the FTE cadre of ITAs a separate team of 20 e-Exporting/Digital Advisors are being recruited. These e-exporting/Digital Advisors will be fully integrated into the ITA teams and will help First time Exporters to access digital markets.
  • Great British Store: This is a public/private initiative to provide a link between small, innovative UK producers and buyers, agents and retailers overseas. It will take the form of a website where UK companies can load a selection of their products that can be viewed by buyers in overseas markets.
  • Global Events Programme: UKTI's Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) helps overseas entrepreneurs and early stage technology businesses or start-ups that want to relocate their business to the UK.