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Help for employers considering people with convictions

If a person’s disclosure record includes a conviction, it can be helpful to talk to them about this. 

This allows you to ask questions to address any concerns you may have. It also gives the person a chance to explain the circumstances of their convictions, and how they’ve changed since the convictions. 


There’s guidance to help you make decisions when considering employing a person with convictions.

There’s also a sample policy you can use for recruiting people with convictions.


Disclosure Scotland runs free training sessions for employers.

The training is called ‘Helping Employers Recruit Fairly’ and covers how to:

  • consider disclosure information

  • create procedures for considering people with convictions

  • give people with convictions opportunities

There’s also training for organisations who support people with convictions. It can be tailored to suit your organisation. 

To find out more:

Further support

You can also email for help.

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