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Applying for a disclosure

Organisations may ask you to apply for a disclosure so they can see a record of your convictions. There are different levels of disclosure.

Once your disclosure application is processed, Disclosure Scotland will send you a certificate. For higher level disclosures, they'll also send a certificate to the organisation you applied with.

All certificates include:

  • your name
  • your date of birth
  • any convictions which can be disclosed
  • the date of the convictions
  • the sentence you got for the convictions

For higher level disclosures, other relevant information (ORI) can also be included. ORI is information that the police decide to disclose.

The police can only add ORI if they decide it:

  • is relevant to the job or type of regulated work you're applying for
  • should be included on the disclosure certificate 
  • can be disclosed without making it more difficult to prevent or detect a crime
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