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Help with school clothing costs

You may be able to get financial help with your child's school clothing and shoes. This help is called a 'school clothing grant'. You apply to your local council.

It's normally a cash grant paid directly to your bank account.

Who can apply and the amount of money you'll get depends on your local council. Everybody who gets a school clothing grant will get at least £100 per child.

You may be able to apply for free school meals at the same time as you apply for the clothing grant.

How to apply

You need to apply for the grant through your local council.

Check your local council's website to see when you apply for the grant. Most councils will accept applications from July until the end of March.

When you'll get a payment

You get one school clothing grant payment each year.

Councils usually make most payments in July or August before the new school year starts. But this can vary between councils.

Further enquiries about school clothing grants

Your local council deals with school clothing grants. You need to contact your local council for any queries. This includes queries about payments.

School Age Payment

You may also be able to claim a Best Start Grant School Age Payment.

The payment of £250 can help with the costs of a child starting primary 1.

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