CivTech 2.0

CivTech 2.0 focuses upon improving the ways in which technology orientated businesses and organisations based in Scotland work alongside the public sector.

Successful applicants will receive the following benefits:

  • The chance to solve a public sector challenge in an innovative way.
  • To secure a public sector client via a streamlined procurement process.
  • To receive payment for co-designing and co-developing new products. There is an Exploration Stage (£3,000), an Accelerator Stage (£17,000) and a Commercialisation (the amount is dependent on the Challenge and the nature of the product).
  • To keep 100% of IP.
  • To keep 100% of the equity.
  • To be part of a movement that drives innovation in the public sector.
  • To be part of a unique tech co-location and collaboration space based in CodeBase, Edinburgh.
  • To help Scotland to become a more prosperous, just, open and equal society; improving people's lives along the way.

There are six stages to this accelerator programme which are as follows:

  • Stage One: Challenge Creation. Challenge Sponsors will identify their challenge; defining it and providing all relevant data, information and market opportunities for the challenge and asking for solutions.
  • Stage Two: Application. The Digital Ecosystem will respond with potential solutions. These solutions may come from new start-ups, scale-ups, students and citizens from all walks of life.
  • Stage Three: The Exploration Stage. Three teams will be selected to work alongside the challenge sponsor for a three week period; refining their proposed solution.
  • Stage Four: The CivTech Accelerator. One of three companies will be selected to develop their product collaboratively within their challenge sponsor, and with citizen participation throughout a three-month long product development cycle.
  • Stage Five: Pre Commercial Development. After the accelerator period has come to a close, the challenge sponsor will have the opportunity to continue the contract with the participating team.
  • Stage Six: National and International Commercialisation. The product will now be commercialised and seeking to build a national and international client base.