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Tourism and things to do

Accommodation, events, galleries, museums, the countryside and wildlife.

  1. Boating on Scottish canals

    Get information before sailing on Scotland's canals.

  2. Find holiday accommodation in Scotland

    Information on places to stay if you're planning a trip in Scotland.

  3. Help for tourism businesses

    Get help promoting and improving your tourism business from VisitScotland.

  4. Paddling on Scottish canals

    Information for planning ahead before paddling on Scotland's canals.

  5. See upcoming events in Scotland

    Find out more about the events and festivals taking place in Scotland throughout the year.

  6. The Scottish Marine Wildlife Watching Code

    Information and guidlines on watching marine wildflife safely and responsibly.

  7. The Scottish Outdoor Access Code

    Information on your rights and responsibilities when exploring Scotland's outdoors.

  8. Visit Scotland's national galleries

    Find out about the latest events at Scotland's national galleries.

  9. Visit Scotland's national museums

    Information on visiting Scotland's four national museums.

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