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Growing a business

Information on planning, events, support networks and funding.

  1. Growing your business

    Find out about growing your business - planning, deciding whether to grow, and the challenges of growing.

  2. Help for tourism businesses

    Get help promoting and improving your tourism business from VisitScotland.

  3. Develop your business skills

    Find out what training and information is available to help you develop your business skills.

  4. Buying or renting premises

    Information on buying or renting business premises, including government or council property.

  5. Marketing your business

    Information on marketing and sales for your business.

  6. Find business events

    Find and register for business events, workshops, seminars and conferences in Scotland.

  7. Find contracts and business opportunities

    Find information on finding new contracts or business opportunities to help you grow your business.

  8. Further help to grow a business

    Information on organisations or services that can help you grow your business or help your staff learn new skills.

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