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Accounting and bookkeeping

You have legal obligations relating to your company's financial records. Find out how to keep accurate financial records and accounts. Includes information on financial statements for tax returns and audits.

  1. Accounts management and bookkeeping

    As the business owner, you’re responsible for ensuring your business keeps accurate financial records and accounts.

  2. Business bank accounts

    Information on setting up a bank account for your business, including sole trading and online banking.

  3. Online and distance selling

    Information on the regulations for online selling and how to accept online payments.

  4. Your limited company's first accounts and Company Tax Return

    How to align your deadlines for accounts and Company Tax Returns at the end of your limited company's first year.

  5. How an accountant could help your business get funding

    How an accountant can help you get funding for an idea or business. Includes how to find an accountant.

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