Big Society Capital

Investments are available to Social Investment Finance Intermediaries (SIFIs) based and working within the UK for projects tackling major social issues within the UK.

Loan investment of between £500,000 and £15 million.

The following types of investments are available:

  • Capitalisation and balance sheet growth: core equity capital to build stronger SIFIs that are able to raise further private investment and so provide more capital to the social sector.
  • Risk and working capital: acting as the lead investor in the developing and piloting of financial products and funds that provide risk and working capital to the social sector.
  • Sustainability and operational growth: providing medium to long-term capital to SIFIs to enable them to achieve sustainability and scale, and therefore to increase the volume of affordable finance that they can offer the social sector.
  • Market mechanisms and infrastructure: acting as lead investor and/or providing underwriting for the development of market infrastructure.
  • Advice, skills and information: providing direct equity and loan investment to SIFIs developing and providing financial advisory/corporate finance services to help social sector organisations build the skills and capacity required to take on investment.

Big Society Capital seeks both a social and a financial return from every investment it makes.