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Battery retailers and distributors

Portable batteries

If you sell or supply 32 kilograms or more of portable batteries a year you must take back waste batteries from customers free of charge. This rule applies if you run a shop, a chain or sell batteries via distance selling.

One pack of 4 AA batteries per day equals about 32 kg per year.

You must provide:

  • a free collection point for all kinds of portable batteries, not only the types you sell
  • information to customers about collection, eg a poster in your shop

The RecycleNow Partners website has information to help you meet your recycling obligations including templates for materials you can display for customers. You'll need to register but there's no fee.

Sending batteries to be recycled

It's not essential, but you can ask a battery compliance scheme to collect your batteries free of charge - search online to join one or call the Scottish Environment Protection Agency to get advice on joining a scheme.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency
01786 457700

To transport batteries yourself, eg to a recycling plant, you need a licence and have to follow the law on hazardous (special) waste.

Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) officers can visit your premises to make sure you are complying with the law.

Smaller retailers

Retailers selling fewer than 32 kg don't have to run a take-back scheme. If you decide to take waste batteries back you may have to arrange collection and transport for recycling yourself and follow the law on special waste. Speak to a compliance scheme operator first - they may offer a collection.

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