Apply for or renew a Blue Badge
Last updated: 14 February 2018

Using your Blue Badge

Blue Badges are registered to a person, not a car. So long as the registered badge holder is travelling as either a driver or passenger their Blue Badge can be used to park any car in certain restricted areas.

Where you can park

You can use your Blue Badge to access on-street parking throughout the UK. Off-street car parks, such as shopping centres, hospitals or supermarkets, have different rules. These rules can change from carpark to carpark, but are usually displayed on signs inside.

You may have to pay to use off-street carparks.

Blue Badge holders can park free:

  • at on-street parking meters
  • in pay and display bays
  • on single and double yellow lines if there are no loading restrictions

You can find more guidance on parking in the Blue Badge holder rights and responsibilities document.

How to display the badge

You must display the badge where it can be clearly read from outside the vehicle. The front of the badge should face upwards, showing the wheelchair symbol.

Incorrect display of the badge may result in a parking fine.

Using a parking clock

A Blue Badge holder must use a parking disc 'time clock' when there's a limit on how long you can park.

Some councils in Scotland have recently introduced Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) to limit the length of time a Blue Badge holder can park on a single or double line within the city centre.

You'll need to use your time clock when visiting England and Wales.

Using your badge outside the UK

The Blue Badge is recognised in other EU countries and your badge entitles you to make use of the same parking concessions as the country's own citizens.

Check the rules for the country you're visiting.

Using an EU Blue Badge in the UK

EU Blue Badge holders are entitled to the same parking benefits as UK badge holders when they visit the UK.

Using a non-EU Blue Badge in the UK

You'll need to check with the local council of the area you plan to visit if you would like to park using a non-EU disabled parking permit.