Apply for or renew a disabled parking permit (Blue Badge)

Apply for or renew a Blue Badge

There are two ways to apply for a Blue Badge in Scotland – online or via your local council.

A renewal is the same as a new application and the same process is administered when applying.

If you apply or renew online, you'll be asked a few eligibility questions. Once you've applied, your form will be sent to your local council for a decision.

  • National Insurance number or NHS Number
  • driving licence number
  • a passport photo
  • details of your current badge, if you have one

apply or renew online

Your council is responsible for the administration, eligibility assessments and enforcement of the Blue Badge scheme.

Councils have the option to charge up to £20 for the issue of a badge. You can ask if there's a charge when you make an application.

You can track your application online. You'll need the tracking reference number you were given when the application was submitted.

You'll have to apply to: