Appleyard Lees Growth Fund

A fund supporting industries that are new to intellectual property (IP) and those developing a new business. The scheme is now open to life science, pharmaceutical and chemical companies in the UK and is designed to help them start-up, operate and protect their inventions.

The programme has an annual budget of £50,000 to award in grants to businesses. The level of individual allocations is at the discretion of the funder.

As well as offering assistance in creating and managing a portfolio, IP experts at Appleyard Lees also guide those successful in their application through the patent landscaping process and due diligence.


Before You Start

Appleyard Lees is an intellectual property firm, with a multidisciplinary team of patent and trade mark attorneys supported by assistants and administrative staff. From a network of offices, the organisation provides Intellectual Property (IP) services throughout the UK and the rest of the world.

The Appleyard Lees Growth Fund is designed to support those who are new to IP or are developing a new business. In summer 2014, the funding provider extended the initiative to help life science, pharmaceutical and chemical start-up companies. Support will be offered to help businesses starting-up and operating within these areas by providing financial assistance to help protect their inventions.

According to the funder, patents in the pharmaceutical field are more likely to be litigated than in any other field of technology. Therefore, it is seen as essential to obtain good, commercially-focused advice from a specialist attorney in this field.

IP can be sold, licensed for royalties and used as security against bank loans or to block competitors from stealing innovations. Appleyard Lees is aiming to educate and inform businesses on how they could benefit from its technical and legal expertise. Grants will be awarded to visionary companies with winning ideas, a track record of innovation and sound strategy.

Appleyard Lees does not take any equity stake in the companies or IP protected.


Although there are no specific exclusions cited within the programme guidelines, those wishing to apply are advised to liaise with the funding provider in the first instance to discuss eligibility.

What You Need To Know

Key Criteria

Applications are welcome from UK businesses that are new to IP or are developing a new business, including life science, pharmaceutical and chemical start-up companies.

Each case will be individually assessed by an Appleyard Lees Partner, and funds will be granted accordingly. The funder is looking in particular to support those who are new to IP or developing a new business.

Match Funding

Match funding is not a stipulated requirement of this programme.

Eligible Expenditure

The fund provides financial support for organisations that create new inventions and have a clear strategy for commercialising their inventions to support their business. The funder may, for example, grant a financial award which represents a contribution towards the cost of drafting and filing a patent specification to cover a new invention.

How To Apply


Applications may be submitted at any time.

Frequency: Rolling programme.

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Useful information:

Each application will be assessed by partners at the firm of IP specialists and funds will be granted to projects which meet the criteria.