Angus Educational Trust

Grants are available to local clubs and groups that are working to improve educational opportunities and learning in Angus and for young people resident in Angus.

Funding is at the discretion of the Trust.

No minimum or maximum level of grant is specified.


Before You Start

The Angus Educational Trust provides grants for local groups that are working to improve educational opportunities and learning in the Angus Council area.

The trust also provides funding to help individual residents of Angus.


Funding for individuals is not available for postgraduate or college courses and will not be made as a substitute for parental contribution or instead of any other benefit to which a student may be entitled to from another source.

What You Need To Know

Key Criteria

To be eligible, groups and clubs must:

  • Be based and operating in the Angus area of Scotland.
  • Aim to improve educational opportunities and learning.

Individual applicants should:

  • Have been offered a place on, or be attending, any full-time or part-time undergraduate course at University.
  • Be resident in, or have a home address in the area covered by Angus Council.

Generally, assistance will be given to students whose personal circumstances are such that they are unable to meet reasonable student expenditures from the resources available to them. This will usually mean that their household incomes are low or that their household expenditure is unusually high.

Eligible Expenditure

The Angus Educational Trust provides:

  • Financial assistance to clubs in Angus.
  • Financial assistance to groups working to improve educational opportunities and learning in Angus.
  • Grants to Angus residents for undergraduate university courses.
  • Travel grants to those studying higher educational courses out with Scotland.
  • Financial assistance to young people travelling abroad for educational purposes.

How To Apply

Applications may be submitted at any time.

Groups and clubs should apply in writing including details of the activity, how it will improve the educational and learning opportunities of Angus residents and details of other grants or funding that they receive along with costs for the activity they wish funding for.