Advanced Nuclear Manufacturing and Materials SBRI Competition

Through this competition, businesses in the UK can apply for a share of up to £6.6 million to develop innovative new technologies for the civil nuclear sector. The aim is to establish an innovative R&D base for materials and manufacturing and support a strong UK nuclear supply chain.

Proposals should address one of the following themes. Allocated budgets are shown in brackets:

  1. Nuclear structural materials (£1.5 million).
  2. Mechanisation and automation of component manufacture (£1.9 million).
  3. Large scale component manufacture and assembly (£1.1 million).
  4. Pre-fabricated module development and verification (£200,000).
  5. Design codes and standards (£300,000).

The competition consists of 2 stages for themes 1 to 3. For themes 4 and 5, the competition will be single stage and applicants will move directly to stage 2.

  • Stage 1: technical feasibility studies. For themes 1 to 3, these will last up to 3 months. Contracts are worth up to £25,000. For themes 4 and 5, technical feasibility studies will last up to 24 months. Contracts are worth up to £200,000 for theme 4 and £300,000 for theme 5
  • Stage 2: development contracts. These will last up to 20 months. Contracts are worth up to £1.9 million. In total, £800,000 has been allocated for stage 1 and up to £4.2 million for stage 2.