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Register your LLP

You can register your limited liability partnership (LLP) yourself by post or using approved software, or through an agent.

You'll be sent a certificate of incorporation once your LLP's been registered.

Register electronically

You can use third-party software to register your LLP.

It usually takes 24 hours for your LLP to be registered using third-party software. You can get your LLP registered the same day if you apply before 3pm and pay a higher fee.

What you pay will depend on the software you use.

Use an agent

You can use a formation agent to register your LLP for you.

What you pay depends on the agent.

Register by post

Download and fill in the application to register a limited liability partnership.

You need to fill in a continuation form if you want to appoint more than 2 members - there are different forms for members and corporate members.

Send your completed forms and a cheque or postal order for £40 to the address on the form.

Your LLP will usually be registered within 5 days of Companies House getting your application.

Same day service

Your LLP can be registered the same day Companies House gets your application as long as it arrives before 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Find out more about the same day service.

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