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Employee training

A wide range of training courses are available for your employees.

This will help them build and develop skills to make them more effective and efficient workers.

The following will give you more information on the various schemes and guides available for employee training.

Search for training courses and funding

A wide range of training courses for your employees are available.

Opportunities include distance learning, short courses and vocational training.

Visit My World of Work to search for training courses.

You can also search for training courses, and funding towards training, on

Choosing an apprenticeship for your business

Apprenticeships can help you address skills gaps in your business. The government provides help with the cost of training an apprentice.

There are 3 different types of apprenticeship:

  • Foundation Apprenticeships let school or college students do short-term work experience at your business as part of a qualification
  • Modern Apprenticeships let your new or current employees gain a qualification while working in a paid role at your business
  • Graduate Apprenticeships let your new or current employees gain a degree while working in a paid role at your business

You can find more information on the website.

Extra skills support

The Skills for Growth service can offer skills advice to businesses with fewer than 250 employees.

Businesses of any size can get skills advice by completing a skills support request form.

Businesses of any size can also get skills advice by calling Skills Development Scotland on 0800 783 6000.

Identify learning and development needs

Improving your business's performance by developing staff does not need to be costly.

Our Skillsforce has a guide to help you identify the learning and development needs for your business.

Inspirational Leadership tool

Inspirational Leadership: Insight to Action is an online tool aimed at helping leaders understand their natural leadership styles.

It also aims to help leaders shape their roles and those of their team.

Find skills support for your sector

Sector Skills Councils (SSCs) provide skills development support across a number of different sectors.

SSCs aim to reduce skills gaps and shortages and increase opportunities to boost skills.

Support for skills planning and HR

A Skills Plan will identify the training and qualifications your workforce needs and will help your business deliver.

If you already have a Skills Plan, visit Our Skillsforce to find training solutions to meet your needs. If you do not, Our Skillsforce will help you get started.

Our Skillsforce offers downloadable guides on:

  • communicating your objectives
  • gathering information
  • analysing the current situation
  • prioritising, planning and preparing for action

Training and development for managers

Visit Scottish Enterprise to get help for managers who want to develop their leadership skills.

The Employability Fund

The Employability Fund from Skills Development Scotland provides flexible training support. It can help enhance your workforce and boost productivity by helping you to recruit through national employability support programmes.

The Employability Fund is delivered in partnership with training providers and colleges. It brings together a number of national training programmes (Get Ready for Work and Training for Work) and provides training support which responds to the needs of employers and local labour markets.

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