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Looking after a child

Includes becoming a child's guardian, children and living apart and arranging for someone you know to look after a child.

  1. Make a Parenting Plan

    A guide to making practical arrangements for your children if you live apart or are separating.

  2. Smacking and children

    From 7 November 2020 all forms of physical punishment or physical discipline of children is against the law in Scotland.

  3. Arranging for someone you know to look after your child

    Information for parents about arranging for someone you know to look after your child – known as private fostering.

  4. Becoming a child's guardian

    How to become the guardian of a child that isn't your own, including getting a court order and financial support.

  5. Children and living apart

    Making arrangements for your children after a divorce or separation, parental rights and child maintenance.

  6. Children's Hearings

    Legal tribunals that help young people with problems, such as they're not looked after properly or are in trouble with the police or their school.

  7. Help getting your child back from abroad or arranging contact

    Getting help if your child is taken abroad without your consent.

  8. Keeping your child safe

    Information on leaving your child on their own, safety at home, car safety and internet safety for children.

  9. Parental responsibilities and rights

    Find out about what the law says about your responsibilities and rights whether you're a mother, father, married, living together or in a civil partnership.

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