Access to Work

Financial assistance is available to help organisations in Great Britain with any extra employment costs that result from employing a person with a disability.

How much Access to Work grant can be provided depends on the individual's circumstances.

The grant may be capped depending on when it was awarded or last reviewed.

Access to Work grants are reviewed once a year.

Date awarded or last reviewed Upper limit
Before 1 October 2015 No cap
Between 1 October 2015 and 31 March 2016 £40,800
On or after 1 April 2016 £41,400

Before You Start

Access to Work, in collaboration with Jobcentre Plus, provides grants to employers towards extra employment costs which result from an employee having a disability. The programme aims to provide practical advice and support to disabled people and their employers, in order to overcome work related obstacles which result from disability.


Access to Work cannot be sued to provide support that is usually the responsibility of the employers as required under legislation relating to all employees.

What You Need To Know

Key Criteria

Disabled employees aged 16 and over and their employers in Great Britain are eligible to apply for grants under this scheme.

Match Funding

Match funding of a minimum of 20% of costs is required under some circumstances.

Eligible Expenditure

The money can pay for things like:

  • adaptations to the equipment used;
  • special equipment;
  • fares to work if unable to use public transport;
  • a support worker or job coach to help in the workplace;
  • a support service for those who have a mental health condition and are absent from work or finding it difficult to work;
  • disability awareness training for colleagues;
  • a communicator at a job interview;
  • the cost of moving your equipment there is a change to location or job.

How To Apply


Assistance is available at any time.


Link to guidelines:

Useful information:

Interested organisations should contact their Disability Employment Advisor at the nearest Jobcentre Plus (previously Jobcentres and Benefits Agency) for further information. For contact details see the Jobcentre Plus website.

Details of the Access to Work contact centres are available at: