Young Students' Bursary

Last updated: 8 June 2017

The Young Students' Bursary is money that's paid directly into your bank account if you're a young student who needs help with money.

This is separate to any student loan you apply for.

To get the bursary you need to be studying a higher education course at college or university and qualify for Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS) funding to pay your tuition fees.

You also need to:

  • be under aged 25
  • be not married, in a civil partnership or living with a partner
  • have not supported yourself from working full-time or benefits for 3 years before starting your course
  • not have a child who depends on you financially
  • have a household income of under £34,000

How to apply

You can apply for the Young Students' Bursary at the same time that you apply to SAAS for other student funding. You can also apply separately.

To apply you'll need to login on the SAAS website or create an account.

What you'll get

The maximum bursary you can get for one academic year is £1,875.

Household income Bursary
£0 to £18,999 £1,875
£19,000 to £23,999 £1,125
£24,000 to £33,999 £500
£34,000 and above £0

The total amounts you're able to claim based on you and your parent's household income:

Household income Bursary Student loan Total
£0 to £18,999 £1,875 £5,750 £7,625
£19,000 to £23,999 £1,125 £5,750 £6,875
£24,000 to £33,999 £500 £5,750 £6,250
£34,000 and above £0 £4,750 £4,750

Your bursary will be split into monthly payments that are paid into your bank account or building society. If you have a student loan, the bursary will be paid at the same time.

If you leave your course you may have to pay back some of the bursary.

What happens next

After you've applied, you can check your application's progress by going to your online account.

If your application is successful SAAS send an 'award notice' to your online account. This will tell you how much you will get.

Find out how to appeal if your application isn't successful on the SAAS website.

Other financial support

There may also be other bursaries, grants, scholarships or sponsorships that you can apply for.

There is other support available if you have a financial emergency at college or university.