Update your PVG Scheme member details

Last updated: 11 December 2017

Disclosure Scotland is working with PVG Scheme members and registered organisations to review and update member details. This helps makes sure Disclosure Scotland's data about PVG Scheme members is accurate.

They are contacting all PVG Scheme members to ask them to review their personal details and confirm that:

  • they still wish to be PVG Scheme members and their details are correct
  • they wish to be PVG Scheme members but need to update their details
  • they are no longer doing 'regulated work' and wish to leave the PVG Scheme
Regulated work includes many types of work with children and protected adults. You should be a member of the PVG Scheme if you do this type of work.

If you are a PVG Scheme member

If Disclosure Scotland contacts you by letter or email (from DSnoreply@disclosurescotland.gsi.gov.uk), you should reply to let them know whether you still want to be a member of the PVG Scheme and whether your details have changed.

Use this form to contact Disclosure Scotland:

Change of PVG Scheme member details form

Once you've completed the form, email it to DSupdate@disclosurescotland.gsi.gov.uk

You can get help completing the form from the PVG Scheme maintenance guidance for members.

You should still complete and return the form even if none of your details have changed.

If you stop doing regulated work with an organisation

If you tell Disclosure Scotland that you're no longer doing regulated work with an organisation, they will contact that organisation to confirm this.

If you are a registered organisation with Disclosure Scotland

Disclosure Scotland would like your help to encourage your workers doing regulated work to update their details.

They would like registered organisations to:

Disclosure Scotland can give you a list of PVG Scheme members connected with your organisation.

If a PVG Scheme member tells Disclosure Scotland that they are no longer doing regulated work with your organisation, Disclosure Scotland will contact you to confirm this.

You can get further guidance from the PVG Scheme maintenance guidance for organisations.

Get help

If you need any help with the data cleanse process, you can contact Disclosure Scotland:

by phone on 0300 0200 040. Find out more about call charges.
or email DSupdate@disclosurescotland.gsi.gov.uk