Types of court case

Last updated: 29 June 2017

When you're asked to be a witness at court, your citation will tell you what kind of court case you're to give evidence at.

Criminal court cases

In a criminal court case, witnesses may provide vital information about a possible crime and are an important part of the criminal justice system.

You might have:

  • been a victim of crime
  • seen or heard something in connection with the crime
  • have information about someone accused of a crime

Criminal court cases are heard in either the High Court of Justiciary, sheriff court or justice of the peace Court.

Children's Hearing court cases

In a Children's Hearing court case, witnesses may have important information about a child's welfare.

You might be:

Children's Hearing court cases take place at the sheriff court, and happen because a decision couldn't be made at a Children's Hearing.

Civil court cases

Civil cases include issues like divorce, debt and parental rights and are dealt with in either the Court of Session or the sheriff court.

You may have been asked to be a witness because you started the case, someone has started a case against you, or you have seen or heard something in connection with the case.

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