Tuition fees for university
Last updated: 18 May 2020


All universities charge tuition fees for their courses. You can get help to pay these tuition fees if you're studying an undergraduate course or certain postgraduate courses.

You do not have to pay tuition fees to the university yourself. Instead:

  1. You can apply for government funding to pay your fees.
  2. The government funding agency you applied to pays the university on your behalf.

In the UK, the government funding agency you apply to depends on which country you normally live in.

If you normally live in Scotland, you'll apply to the Student Awards Agency Scotland (SAAS). SAAS can cover your tuition – whether you choose to study in Scotland or elsewhere in the UK.

Find out who you apply to if you normally live in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

You must apply for your fees to be paid for each year you're studying.