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How will the disclosure system change?

There will be changes to the disclosure system in Scotland:

  • it will be mandatory for those carrying out regulated roles with children and protected adults to be a member of the Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) scheme
  • the lifetime PVG scheme membership will end and be replaced with a five-year membership period
  • the Act will reduce the number of disclosure levels
  • Disclosure Scotland will have new powers to impose conditions on individuals while they are being considered for listing
  • applicants will be able to request a review of certain disclosure content from an independent reviewer
  • those with childhood convictions eligible for review will be able to explain the context of their previous behaviour before any disclosure to a third party is made
  • the Act provides new referral powers for Scotland's councils and integration joint boards

These are some of the main changes. You can read the full Act and explanatory notes on

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