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What your water will be tested for

Your local council will test for bugs, chemicals and metals.

The things they will test for, and how often they test, depend on the size of your supply, and the type of properties using the water.

For example, a large supply which includes commercial businesses such as hotels or caterers, will be sampled more often for wide range of bacteria and metals compared to a smaller domestic supply.

The risk assessment that your council may carry out may also affect what it's tested for.

Lead in your supply

Your local council should also test your water for lead content.

Some older properties still have lead pipes, and even some newer properties can have lead in solder and plumbing fittings.

Drinking water with high lead levels may affect neurological development in infants, and boiling the water won't reduce it.

The usual solution is to remove lead pipe work, or install special filters.

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