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Weapons list


The Surrender and Compensation Scheme for knives and bladed weapons is now closed

Below is the list of weapons that should have been handed into a listed police station during the Surrender and Compensation Scheme.

Weapons List 

Balisong or Butterfly knife - £9


A blade enclosed by its handle. The handle splits down the middle, without the operation of a spring or other mechanical means, to show the blade.

Belt buckle knife - £5


A buckle which incorporates or conceals a knife.

Blowpipe or Blow gun - £14


A hollow tube which shoots hard pellets or darts using your breath

Cyclone knife or Spiral knife - £30


A weapon with a handle and a blade with 2 or more cutting edges, each of which forms a helix, and a sharp point at the end of the blade.

Disguised knife - £5


Any knife with a hidden blade or hidden sharp point that looks like an everyday object. This could be a comb, brush, pen, cigarette lighter, key, lipstick or phone.

Flick knife or flick gun - £20


Knives that can be opened by something not in the handle.  This includes any knife that opens automatically from a closed position or partly opened position, to a fully opened position by pushing a button, spring or other device in the knife or attached to the knife.

Footclaw - £7


A bar of metal or other hard material that sharp spikes stick out from. Footclaws attach to shoes.

Gravity knife - £40


A knife with a blade in its handle. The blade opens by the force of gravity. It uses a button, trigger, or fulcrum lever to open and close the blade, and may use a side-folding or telescoping blade.

Handclaw - £9


A band of metal or other hard material that sharp spikes stick out from. Handclaws are worn around the hand.

Hollow kubotan - £3


A cylindrical container with sharp spikes.

Knuckleduster - £2


A band of metal or other hard material worn on one or more fingers and designed to injure someone else. This also includes any weapon that includes a knuckleduster.

Kusari gama - £35


Rope, cord, wire or chain tied at one end to a sickle.

Kyoketsu shoge - £20


Rope, cord, wire or chain tied at one end to a hooked knife.

Manrikigusari or Kusari - £10


Rope, cord, wire or chain tied at each end to a hard weight or a hand grip.

Push dagger - £2


A knife with a handle that fits in your closed fist. The blade appears between 2 fingers.

Shuriken or Shaken or Death Star - £5


A hard plate with 3 or more sharp radiating points. Made to be thrown.

Stealth knife - £3


A knife or spike made from a material that is not recognised by a metal detector. Not  used to prepare food or as a toy.

Truncheon or Baton - £10


A straight, side handled or friction lock truncheon. It may also be called a baton.

Swordstick - £12


 A hollow walking stick or cane containing a sword.

Telescopic truncheon - £20


A truncheon that opens automatically by pressing a button, spring or other device in or attached to the handle.

Zombie knife - £10 


A blade with a cutting edge and a serrated edge with images or words (on the blade or handle) that suggest that it's for the purpose of violence.

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