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After you hand in your knife or bladed weapon


The Surrender and Compensation Scheme for knives and bladed weapons is now closed

You've handed in your weapon anonymously

If gave up your weapon anonymously, nothing more will happen after you hand it to the police for disposal.

Getting the weapons list price 

If you want the weapons list price and you handed in:

  • one weapon, then it must be worth £30 or more for you to get money from the scheme
  • more than one weapon, then the total value of the weapons you handed in must have been £30 or more for you to get money from the scheme

If your weapon or weapons were worth less than £30, you must still have handed them in but you will not have got money for them.

To get money for your weapon, you must have brought your claim form and evidence. 

The Scottish Government decide if you can get the weapons list price or not.

If you can get money for your weapon, the Scottish Government will send you the money either as a bank transfer or a cheque.

If you got a valuation for your weapon the Scottish Government will check your claim. 

They'll tell you in writing what money you’ll get for your weapon. If the value is £30 or more, you’ll get money for your weapon. Once you have the money, the police will get rid of the weapon.

If you have questions about receiving your payment, email

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