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Some knives and other bladed weapons will soon be illegal to have in your home. It's already a criminal offence to have these weapons in public.

If you own any of the weapons on the list, you’ll likely have to give them up at a listed police station

You must give up your weapon while the scheme is running between 1 July 2022 and 30 September 2022.


It'll soon become a criminal offence to keep any of these listed weapons in your home.

Before you give up your weapon

To give up your weapon, bring the packaged weapon to a listed police station while the scheme is running.

Find out how to package your weapon to bring it to a listed police station.

Giving up your weapon anonymously

You do not need to fill out a claim form or bring identification.

You can give up your weapon at a listed police station and not give any details about yourself to the police.

Getting money for your weapon

You might be able to get money for your weapon if you meet certain criteria.

If you want compensation, you must have certain documents with you when you hand over your weapon. 

You'll need to bring all of the following to a listed police station:

  • proof that you’re the owner of the weapon, like a receipt or a legal document to show you inherited it or it was transferred to you

  • photo evidence of your identity, like a valid passport or driving licence

  • a completed claim form

If you do not have photo evidence of your identity, you can bring 2 types of non-photo evidence like a:

  • bank card

  • utility bill

  • National Entitlement Card

You must fill out the claim form before you go to a listed police station if you want money for your weapon.

The value of the weapon or combined value of weapons must be £30 or more for you to get money. Find out how much your weapon is worth

Download the claim form.

Read the scheme's privacy notice to find out how we'll handle the information you give us.

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