Student bank accounts

Last updated: 8 June 2020

If you're going to university or college you can open a student bank account.

Some banks will offer you free bonuses for signing up for a student account.

If you're a part-time student contact your bank to find out if you can get a student account.

How to open a student account

You must prove you're a student before you can open a student account.

Each bank accepts different things as proof that you're a student. These may include:

  • a UCAS confirmation letter with an unconditional offer
  • a UCAS letter with a conditional offer, plus results that show you've met that condition
  • a letter from your university or college confirming you're going to be attending
  • your student card if you've already started

Check with the bank to see what they accept.

You'll also need:

  • a letter confirming where you live called 'proof of address', for example a recent bill
  • some kind of document confirming who you are called 'proof of identity', for example a passport

Further information

You can get more information about managing your money and choosing a student bank account on the UCAS website.