Starting a business: first steps
Last updated: 11 July 2019

Business support

Choosing and managing suppliers

As a business you may need to choose and manage suppliers. This Business Gateway guide includes information on:

  • what to look for in a supplier
  • how to negotiate
  • service level agreements
  • building good relationships
  • ending contracts

Selling a product or service

If you plan to sell a product or service this Business Gateway guides includes information on:

  • identifying your market
  • choosing your sales channels
  • preparing sales plans and sales forecasts
  • how to promote your product or service

Council services

As a business, you may need local council services. This guide explains the services your business may need that your local authority is responsible for.

Intellectual property

If you've created something for your business, you need to make sure your intellectual property is protected. This guide from Business Gateway includes information on:

  • what intellectual property is
  • how you can protect your intellectual property

Storing goods and materials safely

All businesses must store goods and materials safely. Legally you must protect the health and safety of those affected by your business.

Business Gateway can help you store goods and materials in a safe way.