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South Lanarkshire Council

Low income levels for the Self-Isolation Support Grant

If you're a low paid worker, you can apply for the grant if either your personal earnings or household income is below the amounts shown.

Personal income levels: £1,543.75 or less per month

You can apply for the grant if your personal earnings are £1,543.75 or less per month. This amount is before deductions such as tax and National Insurance.

If your personal earnings are over this you might still qualify under your total household income.

Household income levels

The household income level depends on your household type and whether or not you have children. This amount is after deductions such as tax and National Insurance.

Household type Number of children Monthly household income after deductions (£)
Single person 0 1,558.49
Couple 0 1,925.69
Single person 1 2,683.17
Couple 1 3,050.38
Single person 2 3,450.37
Couple 2 3,817.57
Single person 3+ 4,563.80
Couple 3+ 4,931.01

If you do not pay rent, a mortgage or have special circumstances

The low income levels are different if you do not pay rent or a mortgage. For example, if you’re an adult living at home with your parents.

For most single people who do not pay rent or a mortgage the monthly maximum personal earnings amount is £1,543.75. This is for the individual person and not the household.

Special circumstances

Special circumstances can include if you:

  • are disabled or a carer (or another household member is)
  • have more than 2 children
  • have limited capacity for work related activity
  • have childcare costs

In these cases the council will need to do an individual assessment of your income.

If you have more than 2 children

DWP limits Universal Credit payments to 2 children born after 6 April 2017, unless special circumstances apply. There's no limit to how many children you can claim for if born before 6 April 2017.

Read more about UC: maximum support for 2 children on

Apply through your local council

You can only apply for this grant through your local council.

Apply on the South Lanarkshire Council website

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Why council income levels are different

Each local council has different amounts they allow for your rent or mortgage. This is based on average rents and mortgage payments in that area.

Read more about Local Housing Allowances.

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