How to give Social Security Scotland feedback

Last updated: 3 September 2018

You can contact Social Security Scotland to:

  • make a complaint or suggestion
  • offer a compliment

Freephone: 0800 182 2222


Social Security Scotland
PO Box 10304

You can tell Social Security Scotland if they do something well. Or, if you want to make a suggestion on how they can improve their service.

If something goes wrong or you're unhappy with their service they will work with you to fix it.


You can contact Social Security Scotland if:

  • something goes wrong
  • you aren't happy with the service you've had

Social Security Scotland listen to all feedback they get and use it to improve their service.

Examples of what you make a complaint about

You can make a complaint if you feel:

  • Social Security Scotland failed to provide a service
  • the standard of service isn't what you need
  • you're unhappy with a Social Security Scotland policy
  • you're unhappy with the treatment you've had from a member of staff or their attitude
  • you disagree with a decision and haven't been able to use another procedure (for example an appeal) to solve this
  • Social Security Scotland haven't followed the appropriate administrative process

You can't use the Social Security Scotland complaints process, if you're:

  • asking for a service for the first time
  • requesting compensation
  • raising something which is already in court or which a court or tribunal has already heard
  • disagreeing with a decision where a statutory right of appeal exists
  • attempting to reopen a concluded complaint
  • wanting a complaint reconsidered that's had a final decision

Getting someone else to make a complaint for you

You can get someone to complain for you. This can be a relative, friend or someone else you trust.

The complaints process

Social Security Scotland will try to resolve your complaint in a week.

If it's complex and needs more investigation then they'll try to resolve it in 4 four weeks. If they cannot resolve the complaint within 20 days they'll contact you.

If you want an update on the progress of your complaint they'll ask for your name and contact details.

If you want to, you can stay anonymous when giving feedback. This means you don't need to tell Social Security Scotland your name or contact details.