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Who does not qualify for the grant

You do not qualify for the self-isolation support grant if:

  • Test and Protect do not ask you, your child or the person you're caring for to self-isolate
  • you do not work
  • you’re waiting on the result of a PCR test and any of these apply:
    • you’re fully vaccinated
    • the test is for a child or someone you care for and they’re fully vaccinated
    • you're self-isolating as you've returned from abroad

Waiting on a PCR test result

If you're fully vaccinated or just returned from abroad, you only qualify for the grant if you get a positive PCR result. 

If applying for the grant  for a child or someone you care for, you only qualify if they get a positive PCR test result. 

You no longer need to self-isoalte if you get a negative PCR test result.

If the PCR test result is negative you do not qualify for the grant while you wait for the result.

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