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What the grant is

If you’re a low paid worker, the grant can help cover lost earnings if:

  • you have a positive PCR test
  • someone you need to care for has a positive PCR test

You’ll only qualify if you’re a low paid worker who’ll lose money and you meet the other criteria.

You will not qualify if you do not work. The grant is to help cover lost earnings.

How much the grant is for

If you get a positive PCR test result on, the grant is one payment of £250.

This is for the whole isolation period.

You do not need to pay this grant back.

How many times you can apply

You can only apply for the grant once in any isolation period.

But you can apply again for any separate time you or someone you care for has a positive PCR test result.

You can only get the grant 3 times from 1 May 2022.

Tax and the grant

If you're employed, you'll pay tax on the payment if you go over your tax-free personal allowance. Your tax code will change to collect the tax. You'll not pay National Insurance contributions on the payment.

If you're self-employed you must report the payment on your Self Assessment tax return if you need to file one.

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