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  1. Understanding civil justice

    Issues like debt, housing disputes, bankruptcy, divorce, and parental rights are dealt with in the civil justice system.

  2. Miscarriage of justice: claim compensation

    How to apply for compensation for a miscarriage of justice. Includes the Statutory Scheme and the Ex Gratia Scheme.

  3. Help and advice

    Help and advice about claiming compensation for a miscarriage of justice is available from solicitors, law centres, Citizens Advice or the Miscarriages of Justice Organisation.

  4. Complain about a judge, sheriff or justice of the peace

    How to complain about the behaviour of a judge, sheriff or justice of the peace.

  5. Apply to become a justice of the peace

    Find out what a justice of the peace does and how you can apply to become one.

  6. Children's Hearings

    Legal tribunals that help young people with problems, such as they're not looked after properly or are in trouble with the police or their school.

  7. Criminal record checks for coronavirus (COVID-19) response workers

    Disclosure Scotland will prioritise checks for the workers Scotland needs to deal with the coronavirus.

  8. Get support as a victim or witness of crime

    Find emotional support and practical information if you have been the victim of crime.

  9. Support for families and friends of prisoners

    Get support and advice if you know someone in prison.

  10. Privacy notice and data protection - Social Security Scotland

    Information on your rights under the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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